Well over dew

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What a week in France, once again! As well as some macrophotography, I was lucky enough to take in the Tour de France and also witness the spectacular firework display at Carcassonne, commemorating Bastille Day.

The weather (in the mid 30s Celsius every day) couldn’t have been more of a contrast to my last visit, which consisted of strong, cool Mistral winds, mitigating against any kind of outdoor macro photography.

This time, the challenge was the heatwave and even getting up early still meant there was little or no chance of any dew and the insects would be active almost as soon as it was light. Luckily my 100-400mm lens came to the rescue on a number of occasions, when it became impossible to get in close with a dedicated macro lens.

The main reason for being in France, Revel in the Languedoc, was to set up an exhibition of some of my work taken over the last few years whilst running my photographic holidays. In the space of a morning, all the framed pictures were up on the wall at Agout’The´, a salon that’s ideally positioned in Revel’s central square and so with time on my hands, I could indulge myself during some welcome fine weather – well overdue.